Billing and Collections

As part of your physician organization, MGO PR Billing Company is committed to providing the level of service and value expected by MGO physicians. This low cost solution is designed to maximize revenue, decrease expenses and allow physicians to better focus on patient care. MGO PR Billing Company's experienced billers and CPC certified coders provide the highest quality customer service to you and your patients.
"MGO PR Billing Company has not only helped me increase revenue and enhance cash flow, but it has allowed me to dedicate more of my time to providing the best quality care for my patients."
Michael G. Saribalas, DO
Saribalas Clinic
MGO PR Billing Company at a Glance
Established in 2009, MGO PR Billing Company's team includes CPC certified coders and medical billing professionals with many years of experience. We serve Primary Care and Specialist practices of all sizes and routinely exceed national benchmarks for medical billing, making MGO PR Billing Company the obvious choice for MGO physicians. In fact, we serve more MGO physicians than any other billing company.
Because MGO is a physician-owned organization, we understand your business and focus on providing you excellent service. Each practice is assigned a dedicated medical billing representative who works with the practice on a regular basis to ensure timely, efficient and accurate billing. Our job is not done until you are accurately paid for your services.
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